Bri is the first runner to compete on the show. She was captured on Day 6. She was on the "Runner Analysis" segment of episode 2 until Day 17. She is a member of Runner Allstars as of Day 17.

Capture Edit

Her downfall began on the road as she was delayed by 2 hours. Bri took a wrong turn which put her on the road towards Canada. Eventually she was back on track but by then all the teams were near the Checkpoint key of the day. She disguised herself and got an Uber with tinted windows. Friendzone and The Brogrammers were guarding the opening of the garage. Bri's Uber drives near the entrance. Rafael looks into the car and sees nothing. While Jen and James follow the Uber thinking shes in there. The car keeps driving. James says "Hey, Hey, That's her! That's her! Hit the button Alex! Hit the button Alex!" Alex hits the button. Then Jen does the same. Bri runs out of the Uber. Alex hit the button first causing The Brogrammers to capture Bri and the bounty.

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