This is Steve, the second runner. He has shown to do well with the daily ops. He is know as a person that throws some shade. He is a member of Runner Allstars.

Close calls Edit

Day 12 Edit

On day 12 all of the Chase Teams were at his Checkpoint Key area in Nashville, TN. His biggest threats were The Brogrammers and Bravo Square. He called an Uber knowing of the dilemma. The teams found his escape vehicle. His Uber Driver left him in the uber and the driver brought the escape vehicle to him and The Runner escaped waving to Bravo Square as he escaped.

Day 15 Edit

On day 15 the Chase Teams were at the location again. Steve put on a disguise and shaved his beard and acted normal. He was able to go pass teams thrice and complete his mission.

Capture Edit

Day 16 Edit

Steve passes by Bravo Square. Once they see him they followed Steve for around 12 minutes until Steve hops out and runs but they caught him and he was a good sport about it.

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